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Delicious Brandy Truffles

If you are a lover of chocolates, and also maybe brandy, this is the recipe for you!
If you are prepared to get your hands a bit “dirty”, you will be well rewarded for your effort.
The first time my son-in-law tasted the truffles, he could not stop. (I think he had a hangover the next morning, but I did not ask). About a week later he asked me to make more of it, and he gave some to his friends. Later he sold it to them. He received too many orders, with the result that I closed his “business” because I could not keep up with the production. (I have other interests too, you know.)

This is not sweets to dish out at children’s parties, but great to consume while entertaining friends.

Well, here it is;
2 packets (200gm each) coconut biscuits
200 g (500 ml) pecan nuts
200 g milk chocolate
100 ml syrup
150 ml brandy (Can be substituted with brandy /rum essence)
icing sugar
+- 60 truffles

Crush the biscuits into fine crumbs. I use a food processor for this purpose.
Chop the pecan nuts into very small pieces, but not to the extent that it becomes a powder. Break the milk chocolate into pieces and place in a deep 3.5L glass bowl.
Add the syrup. Microwave the mixture for about 2 minutes open, at 50% power until the chocolate has melted. Mix well.
Add biscuit crumbs, nuts and brandy to the chocolate mixture and mix thoroughly. I use my hands for this, as I find it much easier. This is the messy part, as I have mentioned earlier. You can coat your hands with butter to prevent the mixture sticking too much, or use gloves if you wish.
Roll it into small balls. Coat it with the icing sugar.
Place next to each other on a baking tray and let it chill in the refrigerator until set.
These truffles will stay fresh in a closed container for up to three weeks in a refrigerator. It is at it’s best after a week.

PS. This is the most difficult part. The problem is to prevent some of it from “disappearing” before the week is over, but the good part is, it will not last for three weeks. There will be no wastage.

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