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The Cookbook

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A Bride's Cookbook


"Love the personal input!!! Wish I had this when I was first married. What a great way to start a happy marriage!" J.B.



"This is perfect and saves lots of phone calls to Mom" K.W.



"My husband will enjoy the romantic touches as much as I enjoy the entertaining tips and recipes!" M.N.

Newlyweds! Save Time, Money, and Stress by cooking a quick & easy healthy meal for two in your own home tonight!!

Learn how to stock your pantry, fold dinner napkins, prepare fast and easy healthy dinners and even prepare a fantastic dinner party. Refer to the culinary terms glossary, recipe substitution table, calorie charts and more in this easy-to-follow and entertaining cooking guide for newlyweds.

You can begin right now and impress your new husband tonight!

Dear Harried, Hurried and Hungry Newlywed:

Have you thought about your dinner plans for tonight? If so, did those thoughts bring a smile to your face or a knot in your stomach? Will it be a quick trip to a nearby fast food joint on the way home this evening? Take out? Or maybe you're going to take a couple of hours out of your schedule and swallow a $20, $40 or even $60 bill for dinner at a "nice" restaurant because you would like to think you are eating healthier. But your plans certainly don't include a home-cooked meal because you think you can't cook! I'm Nancy Geiger, wife, mother, and a totally comfortable-in-the-kitchen cook.

Unfortunately over the years I have met a lot of women who are intimidated by the idea of trying to cook healthy and satisfying meals, and this trend seems to have gotten worse in recent years.

It's no secret that with today's fast paced lifestyles we are growing up in families continually on the run. Between after school activities, soccer, volunteering, entertainment, errands, and on and on, we rarely have an opportunity to sit down together for a meal. Moms have been out of the house acting as chauffeurs, cheerleaders, volunteers and delivery services. They've just not been there to teach their young women (and men) how to plan and prepare a nice healthy and relaxing meal. Yet as we start out in a new marriage, developing the habit of sitting down to a healthy and relaxing meal is just what we need to create the down-time and intimacy that will bond us for a healthy marriage too! Many brides today, especially if they have a full time job out of the house, feel that cooking dinner is too time consuming and difficult. What they don't stop to realize is that it takes longer driving to a restaurant, ordering, waiting for the meal to be prepared and returning, than to prepare and enjoy dinner at home.

It also is very expensive to eat out. Fast food restaurants are less expensive, but menus are often very unhealthy and you miss out on the best part of eating dinner: relaxing and sharing your day with another person.

Cooking at home is almost ALWAYS

  • less expensive than eating out
  • healthier than eating out
  • less time-consuming than eating out

One recent magazine article pointed out that the typical restaurant entree serves up to 60% more calories than the homemade versions. The portions are also much larger then we need to eat in one sitting and are often full of butter and salt which is adding to the national epidimic problem of obesity.

Having always loved to cook I started collecting recipes as a teen. I married into the army and spent my first 3 years overseas in Germany where entertaining friends (both American and European) became an almost daily affair. While our husbands spent time away on military exercises, we wives would entertain each other hosting showers, coffees, potlucks, and planning parties on our husbands' return. We shared favorite recipes and tested all sorts of fun entertaining ideas constantly.

Since leaving the army I have continued to enjoy cooking and entertaining using any excuse I can think of to do so. I've found that my guests enjoy themselves much more when I am relaxing and having a good time too.

Many guests over the years have asked how I make entertaining seem so effortless which led me to collect these thoughts and methods, and ultimately share many of them with others. The easier you make it, the more fun for everyone!

Over the years, I have also added healthy eating and diet as an interest, again after getting lots of questions from friends and guests asking how I stay so fit while always entertaining. Not having realized it, I had just naturally incorporated health and nutrition into my cooking and entertaining without even a conscious thought. Eating healthy can be a normal and routine part of your meal planning for both you and your guests, without sacrificing anything. It is truly easy to eat healthier!

This entertaining guide will show you how easy and fun it can be to prepare and eat delicious healthy meals at home while avoiding the expensive and high calorie restaurant meals night after night.

Having the right supplies on hand is for some the just enough of a hurdle to keep them from experimenting in the kichen. This book will show you how with a little pre-planning you can get over your fear of starting. Once you begin cooking for and with your spouse you'll wonder why you ate out so much.

Getting to know each other by doing everything together, making new friends as a couple, and doing things in new ways all adds to the wonder of this time of your life (and creates a bond that builds a strong marriage).

We'll also show you easy and non-stressful ways to entertain. Whether it be a simple but elegant dinner for four or a New Year's Eve cocktail party for 100, entertaining can be loads of fun and nearly stress-free!

Imagine yourself inviting your best friend and her husband over for dinner or hosting a special brunch for the girls. It's all possible and much easier than you might think! What a happy and exciting time this can be!

Among loads of invaluable timesaving health-enhancing tips and tricks, you will discover:

  • How do you ensure your pantry has all the essentials you'll need to keep a perfectly stocked pantry? Learn how in the chapter "Stocking Your Cupboards"
  • Confused by menu and recipe terminology? Our included Culinary Terms section will tell you everything you need to know, whether it be for reading recipes or restaurant menus.
  • How do you create a perfect dish even when you are missing some key ingredients? Learn what substitutes can be used without compromising the results on page 10.
  • Would you like to take the fear out of entertaining friends or business associates? The easy and fun tips and ideas throughout this guide will have you eager for your first (or next) party.
  • Concerned with your weight? Our simple calorie chart will help you balance meals to keep your calorie intake under control without complication.
  • Looking for quick romantic treats for you and your hubby? Find out just how romantic cooking can be in our Dinner for Two and Breakfast in Bed sections.
  • Need advice on selecting cooking utensils, flatware, china and even the right herbs and spices? See our included resource listings throughout the book.
  • These and much, much more in this one of a kind guide for the new bride.

All this for only $5.99

As a special bonus for ordering right now, we will include an incredible 5 Volume Cooking Reference Library. This comprehensive collection of over 900 pages in searchable pdf format, covers all the various phases of the subject of cooking and is perfect for you whether you are a novice just learning how to cook, an experienced cook or even thinking about a career in culinary arts.

  • Does your homemade bread turn out with too hard a crust? Learn how to prevent this in Volume 1 of the Cooking Reference Library.
  • Are the eggs I have still fresh? Find out how to tell in Volume 2 of the Cooking Reference Library
  • I would like to eat more fish but I don't like the bones. How do I filet a fish? Find the answer to this and more in Volume 3 of the Cooking Reference Library.
  • What kind of salad should I choose to go with my meal? You will find plenty of helpful tips on salads in Volume 4 of the Cooking Reference Library.
  • I love fresh pineapples, but I can never tell if I am getting one that is ripe or not. How do I test for this at the grocery store? Learn a simple test in Volume 5 of the Cooking Reference Library.

All this and more is yours as a special bonus for ordering A Brides Cookbook today.

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We are so confident that you will thoroughly enjoy cooking after reading this informative, easy-to-follow and entertaining book that if you are not 100% delighted just let us know within 30 days of purchase and we will refund 100% of your money back. You have nothing to lose but everything to gain!

Yours for a truly fun yet virtually effortless way to improved health and happiness for you as a couple, now and for a lifetime!


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Don't be forced to go out for another fattening, time-wasting and unhealthy restaurant meal tonight! You could very well pay for the book in just the first night!